I was raised in Paterson, NJ, my grandparents had a beach house in Bradley Beach, NJ and I went there for 3 months every summer, so I had a taste of the good life... Beach, fun, sun ,surfing, etc. I knew from an early age that this was the lifestyle I wanted, I just didn't really know what to do to get it.

My dad drove a tractor trailer for a living as did his dad. They were both Teamster 560 driver's so I was raised with a strong "blue collar" work ethic and although I tried college I quit after a month to go make some money.

I tried a few different jobs but quickly figured I may as well do what I knew and that was driving a truck. I became a Teamster tractor trailer driver at 20 years old and although I made decent money, by the time I was 26 I knew I needed to have my own company so I became an owner operator and quickly expanded my trucking business to 3 tractor trailers... I had 2 drivers and I drove one truck myself.

I did that for 6 years until one of my guys drove his truck through an ice cream store window on the Hempstead Turnpike in Hempstead Long Island , NY. Thatís when I said to myself, OK God, you don't have to hit me in the head with a bat, I GET IT. And I sold my two trucks that week and started working day and night in my truck to make the same money I was making with the 3 trucks. Talk about a rut? I was working day and night 5-6 days a week to barely pay my bills.

I did that for 6 years from 26 years old until I was 32 when it finally hit me... I was NOT going to become a millionaire in the trucking business and my mind opened like a parachute for other ways of making money.

I didn't know what to do, so I went to business expos and looked at the real estate things and the 900 # things and the place ads in the news- paper things... Nothing hit me until one day my friend called me up and invited me over to his home to look at a way to make money in your own home based business.

I remember saying to him I didn't have the time and he said something to me that night that literally changed my life... He said, "Joe, if you don't do something about your current situation, you're never going to have any time". He was right, so I said I'd be there for the meeting.

So there I was, along with a few other people in my friends living room watching a guy in a blue suit and red tie drawing circles on a white board showing us how to take dollars we were already spending on products we were already using and by simply replacing those products with "this companies" products they would not only pay us to use them, We can share that concept with others and they would pay us on what they use as well!

I remember saying two things that night... 1) Is that legal and 2) If it is, why isn't everyone doing it. That was it... I WAS IN and I never looked back.

Although I couldn't make a dime with that company, I got some great training on self development and knew that if I can find not just a great company but a great opportunity and understood the network marketing industry at least half as well as I knew my trucking business It wouldn't be long before I can write my own ticket.

So I left my first company after 6 months and found a start up that was owned by the Christian entrepreneur Pat Robertson. I got started with that company in 1993. Because of various circumstances, that company was merged with a company in Dallas TX in 1994 and because most of my organization was in because of Patís name, when he got out, they got out and I lost half my downline in about a weeks time.

Well, that was when we all got our first taste of the ďrealities before successĒ in network marketing.

I then said to my existing team, ďYou know what, we need to find a great opportunity we can call home.Ē

So we started our search for a home in network marketing in about August of 1995.

We whittled our decision down to about 3 companies, at the time, Freelife being the strongest of the three.

We went to work and It wasnít long before I replaced my trucking income and went fulltime and never looked back. My check went from $350K in 04í to over $500K in 05í to over $700K in 06í.

Can you imagine, a former tractor trailer driver from Paterson, NJ is earning more money in a month then most dual income families earn in a year? Itís unbelievable to me too, but itís real and itís the reason I originally got excited over network marketing to begin withÖ To earn massive residual income so I can live the life of my choice and not one that was dictated to me by my boss. Isnít that what we as Freedom Seeking Entrepreneurs all strive for? To live the life we want for us and our families?

I also have a passion for educating people and companies on how to build a successful network marketing business.

Donít let anyone tell you differentÖ The material things in life are great and Iím very grateful for the lifestyle Iíve acquired but I want everyone to know I give God the credit for giving me the strength and desire to do what it took to make this happen. He is responsible for helping me put together one of the most wonderful teams in the entire network marketing industry.

Iíd like to stress one point in particularÖ Itís extremely important to have goals. I know sometimes goals seems so far away but what Iíve learned is that although they may seem difficult to accomplish, when you CUT THEM OUT and PUT THEM UP IN FRONT OF YOU, you always have them in your mind and what your mind can conceive you can achieve, Thatís the way it works. Itís an amazing principle.

One of my most reason goals was to become part of a corporate structure for a network marketing company. Through, what I consider, a ďnever in a million yearsĒ collaboration of events, that has just happened as well and I became the Executive Vice President of a newly formed mlm called Green Organics International.

How do things like this happen? Simply like this. God knows whatís in your heart and what you ask for you usually get so make sure what youíre asking for is worth getting.

Help enough people on your team accomplish their goals and youíll accomplish yours. Thatís how it works and I LOVE THAT about this business.

The more you help people get what they want, thatís how you get what you want. How many businesses can say that?

Thanks for visiting my site and may all your Dreams Come True!

Joe Gentle